Nikita Jade Disability Fund

Raising money for a special girl

**NEW** Quarterly Quiz. New campaign to raise £4500 for treatment!

Nikita is 16 years old and has Atypical Spastic Quadriplegia Cerebral Palsy, Microcephaly, Global Developmental Delay and Cortical Visual Inpairment. Nikita is unable to walk, talk or communicate clearly.

The Nikita Jade Disability Fund (NJDF) was set up to help raise money for Nikita as she needs specialist equipment and various treatments. The local authorities are unable to fund everything for all of the disabled children in the area especially for those over 5 years old. 

So, its down to the NJDF to help pay for Nikita's treatment, equipment and communication aids.

 So far with your generous donations, the money raised has been able to fund a sensory room, a hydrotherapy pool, a wheelchair, a specialist bed and various communication aids for Nikita. 

Most importantly the fund has continued to be able to pay for Nikita to attend intensive physiotherapy sessions at the Bobath Centre, in London.

Nikita has had surgery on her legs, (August 2012) where she had her hamstrings lengthened and has previously had botox regularly in her legs to help work the muscles. However, the surgery hasn't been as successful as we all hoped and the need for Bobath is greater than before.

Nikita underwent further leg surgery in May 2018 where her aductors were released. This procedure was very successful. However, her surgeon has said he would like to redo the hamstring surgery.

We are looking for volunteers to become part of the fundraising team for the NJDF. Helping as much or as little as they can to help with the events and collections we hold throughout the year. 

We are also looking for donations of unwanted gifts or new and unused items for upcoming event prizes. 

2019 is our 15th anniversary year!

This year we are aiming to raise £4500 for another course of physiotherapy at the Bobath Centre. Hopefully with the right help we can avoid Nikita having further surgery. 

New for 2019 is our quarterly postal quiz!

The Bobath Centre, East Finchley.

Photo (left) is Nikita and her dad at the Bobath Centre in 2012. 
Because of Nikita's disabilities she is unable to sit with the correct posture, which is adding to her list of problems especially to her spine and lungs. In the photo they are working on how Nikita needs to be sat up, feet down and learning to reach out for toys. We are hoping for Nikita to go again to Bobath for a new course of therapy now she has had surgery and is approaching the end of her school career.

Website, social media, flyers and other artwork is all designed and maintained by Kelly Dunkley - Nikita's sister.